On Loving My Job (Or, The Agency Recruiter Becomes the Temp).

Somehow this year I decided that it would probably be a good idea to change my life completely, in the span of six weeks.  No baby steps for me! Finding employment for others has been the focus of the past seven years but, you know? It’s harder when you are finding your own.

While I’d been feeling burnt out at my job of nearly 7 years, the decision to leave it came quickly, with no exit plan, and not entirely of my own accord. (Word to the unhappily-employed: when someone wants you to tell the truth about where you’ll be in a year and promises it won’t go any further- DO NOT trust them.  Not with your livelihood. I was pretty much a naive dumbass.)  Best of all?  Shiz went down 4 weeks before my wedding- a time when you are generally A) insane, and B) have frivolous expenses thrown at you on a daily basis.  As it worked out, I negotiated my next move from a beach chair at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, which I’d generally decided to make my home should I not have at least a nibble by the time we got back.  I had this whole plan that involved hiding in the flamingo pen.  They would be my minions and share their shrimps with me.

I worked two more weeks at the agency once I flew back to the reality, while I was interviewing and all of the pre-employment details were worked out.  It was a recruiting gig with a company considerably more reputable than my current employer.  A summer maternity leave starting after Memorial Day and wrapping up after Labor Day- the recruiter would become the temp.  It seemed the perfect thing, while admittedly a sizable pay cut.  It would be the Summer of Jess without a huge, rotting albatross of a job stuck around my neck.  A summer fling.

As it turns out, there is a problem with the fling.  I’m in love.  The people are lovely, my manager is phenomenal, I never feel micro-managed, and I’ve learned more in the last months than I have in the last three years.

I thought I was burnt out on what I do!  As it turns out, I was just really unhappy where I was.  I should have left years ago.  But let’s be real- who was lucky enough to be employed in the last 3 years and wanted to rock the boat?  A change of scenery has made me realize what I like about my job, and what I do well at it.

So now, the summer half gone, I realize that I’m exactly where I want to be, but can’t stay there.  I wonder if that’s what Kristen Stewart feels like?


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