On living in the middle of everything.

I grew up in a trailer park smack in the middle of the Saco Auto Mile.  For those unfamiliar with the glorious territory, it’s 4 lanes of high speed Route 1 surrounded by car dealerships.  I had lots of trailer park roads to ride my bike around, but once we hit Route 1, the party was over.  I needed a car to get anywhere or do anything fun or cool. (Except Funtown USA.  Where I worked, thus somehow making the amusement park no longer fun. And I couldn’t even walk there until I was 15.)

Cut to today.  Through a miracle of real estate technicalities, DH and I are living in a street one block away from Portland’s Eastern Prom.  Besides being a generally fun place to go play tennis, swing on a swingset, or just generally lie around with a book, it is home to the biggest 4th of July party in town and, tomorrow- for the first time, a hugeass concert.  Mumford and Sons is playing one of 4 US concerts this summer in my backyard! Free fun!  I stood on my deck tonight and listened to their sound check.  Tomorrow will be a day of BBQing, beerpong, and fun with friends.

I get to live where fun stuff happens! Go Team Me!


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