Changing of the tides?

So, I’m interested in a lot of things.  This leads to the reading of a lot of stuff on the internet.  As much as I’ve known that trolls are everywhere and will irritate me to no end, I always end up at the comment section.  To be fair, a lot of it makes me sick. 

But lately I feel like I’ve noticed a slight flux in the way people handle trolls.  I feel like there are decent people out there who make a stand to be positive, or at least debate something they don’t agree with in a decent, polite way.  And then don’t give the trolls the food they need so desperately to survive- attention.  I love it and will be mindful everyday to do the same, however much I want to reach through the laptop and throttle them by their mean evil necks.

So my plea is this: IGNORE A TROLL TODAY.  It’s been illustrated as effective in film, even: think Freddy Krueger, or (better) David Bowie in Labyrinth with his very, very tight pants.  Say it out loud: “You have no power over me!”.  The bad guy almost always disappears.


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